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Blood Panel Consultation

The Difference of Medical Weight Loss

Are you frustrated by weight loss programs that aren’t leading to the results you expect and deserve? Then Medical Weight Loss may be just the thing for you. What makes Medical Weight Loss so effective as compared to traditional methods of weight loss is the involvement of a doctor or nurse practitioner. Simply put, medical providers can take your weight loss progress to the next level. Specifically, they can prescribe medications that make losing weight easier and faster. One medication that is commonly prescribed is called Phentermine. This medication acts as an appetite suppressant, meaning you will feel significantly less hunger and cravings for particular foods. This is especially helpful for fasting or undergoing extended periods without food to burn fat for energy. Phentermine is FDA-approved and is considered the Gold Standard of weight loss medications. It is safe, effective, and has a proven track record of over 60 years. Another helpful medication is called Tenuate. This medication can be taken about an hour before meals and will cause early satiety or fullness. When used appropriately, Tenuate is especially helpful with portion control. Depending on your particular areas of difficulty, a medical provider can prescribe the appropriate medications, teach you how to use them the right way, and greatly accelerate your weight loss journey. Only a trained and licensed professional can initiate this type of treatment. Medical practitioners have the skill set and authorization to treat weight loss as a medical condition. Ultimately, a medical weight loss program is the most potent and effective way to lose weight and combined with a nutritionist and a personal trainer it works even better. With our guidance and expertise, we can identify the best method of weight loss for you, prescribe the appropriate medications, and set you up for long-term success.

InBody Scan Analysis

As part of our Medical Weight Loss program, we will include a detailed analysis of your body composition using our InBody 770 machine. The detailed information provided in this report will allow us to make critical decisions regarding your weight loss plan. Do you need to lose fat and gain muscle? Or do you need to maintain muscle and lose fat? The InBody Analysis will give us the answers based on your current state of health. The machine will also give us information about your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of calories you need in a day in order to maintain your current weight without exercise. Knowing this value is crucial in developing a diet plan that will meet your needs and fulfill your goals, whether that be losing fat, gaining muscle, or both.


The Synergy of Lipotropic Injections and Weight Loss

Does your weight loss journey need a boost? Consider lipotropic injections. Lipotropic compounds assist in chemical process of breaking down fats and carbohydrates for metabolic energy. Here’s how each compound functions:

B1- Also called Thiamine, this B vitamin helps break down carbohydrates into their simplest form called glucose, a sugar that the cells can readily use for energy

B2- Also called Riboflavin, this B vitamin also helps break down carbohydrates into glucose and supports the production of healthy red blood cells

B6- Also called Pyridoxine, this B vitamin is essential in many phases of fat metabolism, such as the transport, deposition, oxidation, and synthesis of lipids

B12- Also called Hydroxocobalamin, this B vitamin is very useful in helping cells use fats and sugars for energy and low levels are associated with weight gain and obesity

Methionine- An essential amino acid that plays an important role in protein synthesis and also reduces fat deposition in the liver

Inositol- a carbocyclic sugar that aids in the breakdown of fat

Choline- an essential nutrient similar to B vitamins, helps in the dissolution of fats for energy

L-Carnitine- transports fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cells for energy use